Balustrade & Handrail Technologies was born out of the specialist use of stainless steel wire rigging in the late 1990’s. Over time glass and other materials have formed part of the design of staircase and balcony balustrading.

Evolving with the trends of the architectural, domestic & commercial building industry, we have developed our teams capabilities to master specialized fabrication, design & installation. We have combined to form a complete in house service that makes us the preferred partner to  many of Victoria’s home builder’s architects & designers.

From the one off stainless custom handrail, to fully engineered glazing systems and from the most intricate to large scale installations.

We are passionate about solving our clients challenges whilst creating impressive results.

What we do !


You may have envisaged what your future staircase, deck or balcony balustrade could be. Our experience in working with our clients to optimise their project at the same time meeting the required building code is what we pride ourselves on.

Your balustrading provides safety and functionality to those people who come to your property, however it can also create a wonderful statement and impression through the design you select or create.


All of our work is fabricated or manufactured in our Melbourne facility or at your site depending on the design.

We endeavour to source our components and materials locally, always ensuring product quality is premium.

Our team are highly skilled and tenured across a multitude of skills including welding, glazing, and carpentry and calking.


Our team will endeavour to minimise any inconvenience to your project by coordinating the installation from start and finish as promptly as possible.

We work with the site or project manager or the builder to manage our site visit and installation. We take great pride at the conclusion of all of our installations, it is wonderful to be involved in creating and constructing great spaces.


With 20+ years in the building industry, we have developed some longstanding relationships. We have found developing longstanding relationships ensure quality and value for money.

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